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We are called preach and teach God's ancient Combat techniques to as many as would accept Jesus and repent of their ways! Turning them into warriors for God and *Soldiers Of Christ.*


Philip Marcus Enterprises was founded in London in 2008 but pme4jesus was established in 2023 after we became Born Again!  


We are Evangelists and Promoters of the Gospel Dedicated to the Glory, Honour & Service of our Lord Jesus Christ operating by the Holy Spirit influence, with Worldwide Experience.


We help people in their journey to Christ and living the life of their dreams.


To learn more about us visit our parent website www.pmeafrica.com Find us on Instagram, Twitter @pme_africa & Facebook. TikTok @pmeafrica...  


*PME TV:* Creating an Environment to talk about *Growth, Feelings, Health & Happiness* in Jesus Christ  


*PME* ... "Mixing Glamour, Good Service & Luxury" to the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


_Tell a friend .. to tell a friend.. so they can tell their friends._   



Our Story

Over the years, the PME Party Planner founded in the UK in 2008 has brought you Fashion Shows, Nightclub events, TV series auditions and interviews including MTV's My Super sweet 16 and much more.



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“The best part is that PME Africa comes with empathy and humility.


We do not claim to be experts in this field. But we help as we are led by the Holy Spirit. Revealing the true Gospel of The Kingdom Of God and making it super easy for you to have "An Experience With Jesus" and restore your Relationship With God through Jesus Christ”.


There is "Abundance In Christ".



Philip Ejiofoh 




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