Salvation then *Sanctification* Season 1, Episode 8 Of *-An Experience With Jesus* 

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Salvation then *Sanctification* Season 1, Episode 8 Of *-An Experience With Jesus* 

Most people think *Salvation* is the *Finish Line,* but Salvation is actually the *Beginning* .

Salvation will not cure your Addiction but *Sanctification* will!


Salvation is a Free gift we don’t deserve. Sanctification is the work that is done in us to kill our old self and renew our minds to become a new creation and get us to where God wants us to be.


Don’t let your darkness stop you from getting to Jesus because Jesus is *NOT SCARED OF YOUR DARKNESS*

Abundance In Christ


Jesus meets us at a place where Religion *CANNOT* meet us! Jesus *Didn’t* die to give us a *Religion* ! A Religion is what we made out of his death. He died to restore our *Relationship* with *God* !


In the *Currency* of Love time is the most valuable *Coin* !

The more time you invest in those you Cherish the Wealthier your Heart becomes.


If you love Jesus, then spend more time with him. Build a *Relationship With Jesus.* In Prayer, In Praise & Worship, In Studying The Bible and In Obedience to the Jesus Way!



Some people think “There is no such thing as God otherwise Bad things wouldn’t happen to Good people” …


God says “Its NOT that I don’t exist but that person *NEVER CAME TO SEE ME WITH HIS STRUGGLES AND PROBLEMS* .” Run to God. He is waiting with open arms to guide you.


When you feel God is far away from you remember he is *NOT* the one that moved away. *YOU DID* ! He is faithful and awaits your return regardless of your past.




*An Experience With Jesus*


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