Consider all you think you know about life including The Limitations you have in *Relationships, Success & Happiness 😊*

And understand that *none of them need to be true to you.* They just reflect Energy blocks that you need to release.

You may not want these limitations or  consciously choose them but instead inherited them from your lineage. These are otherwise known as *Generational Curses!*

An Experience With Jesus will break *any* and *every* Generational Curses! *ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK HIM AND BELIEVE IT.*

You may need to step out of your *Comfort Zone.* God is more interested in our *Character* , rather than just out *Comfort!*


Even Demons believe in Jesus, but they don’t have a *RELATIONSHIP* with him.

Many of us today know about Jesus, know that God is real, God has power, but we don’t have a Relationship with Jesus to see that power in our own life. In our Behaviour, Speech etc.

Abundance In Christ

In *Acts 19: 13-16* a group of men tried to cast out demons in the name of Jesus and the demons told them “I know Jesus  I know Paul, but I don’t know you”! They battered the men and the men had to flee *Naked!*


Be careful when you meet people that say “I am all about the Lord” … but live in a different way. *Good works* is a demonstration of our *Faith* . *Faith* without works is *Dead!*

Season's Greetings from PME Africa

Your *Addiction* won’t keep my Love away.
You keep thinking that your *Failure* is greater than my *Forgiving* Power.

But it is *MY VERY LOVE* that is gonna *SET YOU FREE.* So don’t run away from it. *LEAN INTO IT*

We could easily mistake Faithfulness to Friendship with Jesus. Faithfulnes is Good but he is also meant to be *Encountered*

He is also meant to be *EXPERIENCED*


In Life People have had various Experiences With God such as Moses experiencing *“The burning Bush.”*  🔥 What’s your personal experience?

The Lord has called you to walk with him *Intimately* and not just *Faithfullly* ! *Faithfulness* is *Good* , but *Friendship* is *Better* .

Season's Greetings from PME Africa

*An Experience With Jesus*

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