Season 1, Episode 3 Of – An Experience With Jesus

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Season 1, Episode 3 Of – An Experience With Jesus

Whatever God gives he *Blesses* …

Whatever the Devil gives he *Repossesses*


Life is filled with *Demonic Traps* and *God Moments* …

Demonic traps are ambushes from the Camp of Hell dressed up like an Opportunity.


They are designed to Steal, Kill and Destroy from your life. Meaning its gonna *Look Like God* … Its gonna look like an answered prayer, it’s gonna look like what you’ve been asking God to do.


*Why Must You Pray?* Because Prayer Exposes hooks and traps! He or She may look fine 🙂 but there’s a hook in them.


*What Are God Moments?*

God Moments are divine occasions where God gives you a glimpse of your next, and instructions on your next, right now!


An Example is *Moses at the Burning Bush* , God telling Abraham to leave his fathers house that he was gonna be blessed and become a great nation is another *God Moment* example.


*Why Must We Hear God Voice?* So that the thief can’t steal anymore. Satan steals *Time*


Satan cannot *Create* , he can only *Imitate* . He steals time! He can get people to waste their lives by getting them in a cycle that wastes their time.


*Choose The Jesus Way!* Focus On Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lead you at all times.



Our Lives Are Like *Pencils*


For the Pencil to remain useful it has to go through resharppening from time to time. Imagine how *Painful* that would be to the pencil ✏ if it could feel pain.


Life is just the same. *Painful Experiences* and *Challenges* come to us all. But its through these experiences that we build *Character* and we *Grow*


Secondly, we will be able to correct many of our mistake in Life just like the *Eraser* on the pencil. So if we learn from our mistakes then it’s a good thing. They become *Lessons* we can use to do better next time around.


Thirdly, every place where you are used you leave your mark and are writing your own story. *SO NEVER STOP WRITING* Think of stumbling blocks as stepping stones.


And finally always remember ” *THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOU IS WHAT’S INSIDE*”


_Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the World._





*An Experience With Jesus*



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