Season 1, Episode 5 Of – An Experience With Jesus


Season 1, Episode 5 Of – An Experience With Jesus

*Are You Struggling To Break Free From A Sinful Habit?*


Take these biblical steps to lasting freedom:



This means change your mind so that you can turn from your sin.


Repentance means that you agree with what God says about your sin. That its wrong, and that you have to be rid of it in all forms! And for all time.


Often we deceive ourselves by pretending to Repent without really agreeing with God on a Deep level.


We say “I Am Done With This” and the flesh whispers “For Now”. We say “I’ll Never Do That Again” and the flesh says “Until The Cravings Get Too Strong”.



This means forsake or turn from your sin. Once you’ve *Repented* it easier to *RENOUNCE*



(Psalm 119:11)


Its difficult to be *hungry* for the *World* , when you’re *satisfied* with *God’s Word!*




Fellowship with the Holy Spirit weakens the Power Of Temptation.



If following Jesus isn’t changing you then you might NOT be following Jesus!


*Ask yourself how am I following Jesus?*


Is it by the Church I attend on Sundays?


Or is it by my *daily* Relationship With God through Jesus?


If you can spend time with Jesus and walk away without a list of things that you need to get right then you might *NOT BE SPENDING TIME WITH JESUS.*


Because he’s Perfect! And he has a standard of how you and I are supposed to navigate issues.

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And if you’re spending time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and not being transformed by it chances are its not Jesus you’re spending time with. *BECAUSE JESUS CHANGES PEOPLE*



Seek Jesus and find out how Real Jesus Is 🙏 Jesus has so much he wants to share with us!


The more we read the Bible which is God’s word, the more we will grow in *Spirit and in Truth!*


Pray for understanding through the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible every single time.


Also pray to be a *hearer and doer of the word.*






*An Experience With Jesus*


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