Season 1, Episode 6 Of – An Experience With Jesus

Happy Easter

Season 1, Episode 6 Of – An Experience With Jesus

God’s message today is for you to have ” *Childlike Faith* “!


Innocence can be returned everytime we return to Jesus. Just like a Child who sees things from a fresh and new perspective we who are born again can have a new beginning with Christ.


Don’t beat yourself up for what you’ve done in the past instead embrace the grace of God because his mercies begin afresh each morning.


Go to Jesus the way you are and he will help you change through the *Holy Spirit* if you SURRENDER to him. *YOU CANNOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN.*


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When you think Salvation is dependent upon your works it produces either *Pride or Despair!*


Pride because you think you’re actually living perfect or Despair because you don’t think you can never be accepted by God because you can’t be perfect.


But when you recognise that you rely upon the righteousness of Christ, that’s what was imputed to you when you believed then that produces a confidence that ultimately bears the fruit of *Righteousness and Holiness.*

Abundance In Christ

*Yes Believers are to live Holy, but how are we to do that?*


We are to do that by wearing the righteousness of Christ and walking in *Repentance*



*How Do We Surrender To The Holy Spirit?*


Surrendering to the Holy Spirit is NOT an *Emotion* its an *Action*


When we surrender to the Holy Spirit we receive countless benefits but how exactly do we surrender to the Holy Spirit?


The answer is simple but living it isn’t always easy. To surrender to the Holy Spirit simply means to ” *OBEY* ”


Obey his Voice, Obey his Words, Obey his Commands. Obey when it costs you, Obey when you don’t understand, Obey the moment you know what his will is.


*To surrender to the Holy Spirit Obey the Holy Spirit*



*An Experience With Jesus*


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