THE JESUS WAY: Season 1, Episode 9 Of – An Experience With Jesus


THE JESUS WAY: Season 1, Episode 9 Of – An Experience With Jesus

Unpopular opinion in a World influenced by Influencers. *LET’S BE INFLUENCED BY THE WORD OF GOD INSTEAD*


Social media is filled with ” *Trends* ” that keep changing. The Word of God remains the Same! *TV* *Magazines* and the *Media* as a whole influences and shapes our lives deeply.


Be careful with the information you consume. What comes out of you is a product of what goes into you.


When you follow the Trends of this World you are always gonna be wanting and needing more! Trends change daily and sometimes very quickly! But when you follow Jesus he remains the same forevermore.


Everybody *dresses* the same, *looks* the same, *talks* the same and even *acts* the same. God created us to be unique for a Reason. *WE SHOULD SHINE HIS LIGHT IN OUR OWN WAY USING INDIVIDUAL GIFTS & TALENTS!*


He never meant for all of us to be exactly the same that’s why we all have different fingerprints, different tribes/races, different languages etc.


When you seek validation from your appearance or these trends you’re always gonna be left seeking more! *BE CONTENT WITH WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU*


Social media *glamorises Consumerism* and buying things that we don’t need. We keep buying things that we don’t need due to a *Serotonin Boost* but after that then what next?


When you follow Jesus, and live by his Word, and let his Spirit renew you daily *You Will Be At Peace!* You will be Content.


*Temporary Happiness* which these worldly things give cannot be compared to *Eternal Joy* which Jesus gives!





*An Experience With Jesus*

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