Welcome To The *pme4jesus* Brand! *START* of “An Experience With Jesus”

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Welcome To The *pme4jesus* Brand! *START* of “An Experience With Jesus”

There’s a big difference between *Religion* and a *Relationship With God*

Religion is a list of *Do’s and Don’ts* The Emphasis is more on the  do’s and don’ts than it is on the relationship with God.

The biggest difference is that relationships are Personal and Potentially Messy. Religion is not ready to meet us in our messiness and get Personal!

God does somethings in our Journey of life that changes us and shapes us.

He does *Miracles* that we wouldn’t have seen without the Journey. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. He provides!

Religion will leave you empty while a relationship with God will fill you with Life!

Following rules and regulations won’t get you to Jesus. Because Jesus already came into our mess to get a *Relationship With Us!*

In the Old testament we had the 10 commandments, in the new testament there’s a new Covenant which involves *Repentance* and accepting Jesus and receiving our *Salvation* and then


Jesus *Didn’t* die to give us a *Religion* !

A Religion is what we made after his death.

He died to restore our *Relationship* with *God* !

*Repentance* leads to Salvation. Seek first the *Kingdom Of God* and his *righteousness* and everything else will be added unto you.

Pursue the Relationship and let God lead you by the help of the *Holy Spirit* into the do’s and don’ts.

The Only Way to *overcome* the pleasures of Sin is to *Love God* more than pleasure 🙏

And the only way to Love God is to *allow Jesus* in your heart to *Change it!*

His commandments will then be written in your Hearts. He will renew your mind.

*An Experience With Jesus*

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