WHY DO WE PRAY? Season 1, Episode 7 Of An Experience With Jesus

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WHY DO WE PRAY? Season 1, Episode 7 Of An Experience With Jesus

Why would Jesus command us to pray “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” if I wasn’t necessary for us to pray that?

I am not saying God cannot move without us. I am saying God chooses to not move without us in the earth.

It’s not that he can’t, it’s just that he won’t. He chooses to work in *partnership* with his children. He chooses to include *You and I* in the cultivating of *Kingdom culture* in the earth.

And so, when we pray in the earth as someone who is aligned with him, *our desires* are his desires, *our thoughts* become more like his, now we pray in agreement *Heaven and Earth* join hands and its done!



Apply Immediately!


*1. FAITH.* Believe that God hears you.


When you pray knowing that God hears you, you no longer see prayer as a negotiation to get God’s attention.

This minimises the *Distraction* of perceived *Rejection*


*2. FAITHFULNESS.* When you pray you weaken the flesh.


By making and keeping the flesh weak through Prayer, it won’t as strong as if you went weeks without prayer.

This minimises the distractions of the flesh.




While prayer can be done anywhere and anytime, there’s something especially helpful about carving out a time in your day Dedicated to only attention on God.

Yes, prayer can be spontaneous. But it Must also sometimes be Intentional.



Yes, prayer can be spontaneous. But it Must also sometimes be Intentional.

Prayer is more than thinking about God. It is also setting aside the time to focus on him.

Establish a time and a place in which you will practice the ceremony of prayer 🙏 in which you will devote everything that you are.

Put away the phone and other distractions of the flesh as well as inner distractions of questions and doubts and shame and you come to the lord and say ” Lord, this is all about you right now. I am focused on you”.

I just want your presence and nothing else. And you carve out that section of your day to implement the ceremony of prayer and you will find that you will sense deeper realms of Glory!

That you will work in greater measures of power. That the character and nature of christ will grow exponentially in YOU!

*Worry* is a conversation we have with ourselves about things we CANNOT change, while *Prayer* is a conversation we have with God about things he CAN change.



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